Y U Ranch 100% Grass Fed Beef

Y U Ranch carries a wide variety of vacuum packed, fully aged grass fed beef, frozen at its peak of perfection and available at the Ranch year round.

Prices change seasonally so contact us for latest pricing.

We feature the following products:

  • Premium ground beef
  • Stew beef
Minute steak
  • Eye/ Top Round roast
  • Sirloin steak/roast
  • N.Y. strip steak
Rib steak
  • Tenderloin steak
Prime rib roast
4 or 6 oz. patties sleeve
  • Shank / Prime Rib Bones
  • Beef Cheek
  • Heart, Tongue, Ox Tail
  • Short Ribs
  • Beef Jerky


We are happy to now offer our No-No Frankfurter (No Gluten, because it contains rice flower, and No added nitrates) and Grassland Meats Beef Jerky! This is a product developed by our children Paula and Joe... a special treat!

To try for yourself, visit our partners or contact us for more information!