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Grass Fed Beef certified by LFP

Named as International Farmer Hero for Sustainability 2016

    ★  2016 Clean 50 Award 2016
    ★  2016 Artisan Supplier of the Year, Ontario Hostelry Institute
    ★  2016 Beef Farmers of Ontario, The Environmental Stewardship Award
    ★  2015 Bank of Montreal, Farm Family Award
    ★  2014 Environmental Award, Tillsonburg Chamber of Commerce
    ★  2013 Premier's Leadership Award for Agricultural Innovation
    ★  2013 Canadian Farmer-Rancher Pollinator Award
    ★  2012 Environment Minister's Award For Environmental Excellence
    ★  2009 International Texas Longhorn Breeder of the Year
    ★  2008 Canadian Agri-Food Award of Excellence for Stewardship

Growing a Healthier Environment with ALUS

Y U Ranch Grass Fed Beef

We have been evolving for years now, leading the industry through our Sustainable Farming and Ecological initiatives. You can share in our success by enjoying our 100% grass-fed Texas Longhorn beef.

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